The SBOMB Grand Opening

The Sbomb Vintage Workshop got off to a bang on the 29th April 2017 opening its doors for the first time, welcoming motorcycle lovers and revellers from all walks of life to the opening event.
The reception was unprecedented, with all appreciating the efforts put in to create a venue that appeals to everyone. 
The industrial rustic ruin look proving to be a hit.
This along with the atmosphere created in this 200 year old Quay side former shell fish processing warehouse resulted in a fantastic day which progressed into the evening party which finally came to a close at midnight much to the dismay of the remaining party goers.
Thanks to “Piadizza” for providing the finest pizza’s I’ve ever consumed and “Gentleman & Rogues Club” Barbers who not only delivered several top notch cuts and shaves throughout the night but added to the party with their amazing banter and personalities.

The snow ball has started rolling


Finally a big thank you goes out to all that helped, both friends and family, especially my brother Andy without who’s help I would never have been able to pull this off.

Cheers Bros, I owe you one…… Again…

Little bruv